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상품코드 HDD-10
판매가 85,000원
여행기간 당일
최소출발인원 4명
여행자 인원수

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호텔 미팅 9시 출발

09:30 ~

SM Entertainment Headquarters

SM Entertainment is one of the biggest entertainment companies in Korea. Many Hallyu stars such as BoA, Girls' Generation, Super Junior, SHINee, EXO, and Red Velvet are signed to SM Entertainment. The SUM Market, located on the B1 floor sells SM branded and artist branded items.

Lunch(at a designated restaurant)

COEX & SM Town

The venue has become more popular after the opening of the SMTOWN Museum and SMTOWN External Media, an ultra-high resolution sign that was installed in May 2018. SMTOWN Museum, located on the third floor, is the first venue where the stories related to the birth and growth of SM Entertainment's artists are displayed. The museum includes various exhibitions, including SM ARCHIVE, SPECIAL EXHIBITION, and ARTIST GALLERY, all of which are related to music albums, stage photos, outfits and accessories, and behind the scenes stories. In addition, the venue offers unique experiences and excitement, such as the SM content-creating tour, where imaginary meetings with SM artists utilizing augmented reality or virtual reality take place.

Trying on Hanbok(Korean traditional clothes)

You can try on the beautiful hanbok, Korean traditional clothes, and take memorable pictures there.

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